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Monday, October 24, 2011

Anarcho-pacifism philosophy

<p>Before I start, this post does not claim any anarchist school of thought to be superior to another. Anarchism is an idea, it is a question, not an answer. There is no right or wrong school, because anarchism is about freedom. Anarcho-pasifism is all about getting to the root of anarchy. Anarchism, is&nbsp; widely expressed as being in opposition to forcing things on people. Aggressive coercion is a no no right? Well the pacifists take this to heart. Creating a power to dethrone another power is completely counter productive to anarchy. Its against anarchy to offensively attack others unprovoked, but when it comes to defending yourself, I say kill a man. The pacifists though, they would rather ignore the governments presence alltogether.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Could seasteading support anarchist society in the future?

So if you haven't read about what seaateading is exactly, it's basically the idea of creating a floating city in the ocean. These cities would be sovereign territory,perfect for trying out new social structures and economies. The idea is that people could come live and work on these ocean cities without being bothered by external governments. People from all walks of life would be given the opportunity to start over, and take part in pioneering the future of humanity. These cities wouldn't be self sustaining at first, but would rely on trade( fish farming anyone?) Energy could be attained by either burning diesel, hydro electric energy, or wind energy. They would have their own banks, or bank type organizations. All of this sets up an ideal situation for creating an anarchist organization ( not government necessarily) and provide an opportunity to show the world what anarchism is all about .

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Activity, I'M BACK!

So, I've been gone for awhile but I plan on posting more often.
I got everything redesigned somewhat, but I'm not finished yet.

For anyone who doesn't know about the ongoing Occupy Wall Street, read up. For those of you who do check out this interesting article -->OWS micro anarchism?<--

Also, to anyone who hasnt read the book, "The Moon is A Harsh Mistress" by Robert Heinlen, I highly recommend it. That book lays down an interesting perspective on an anarchist society (Luna).
Thanks for reading, I'll be back with more essays, perhaps book reviews, movie reviews, and current events, all relating to Anarchism


Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Well then....

    I came across a very interesting school of Anarchist thought that reminds me somewhat of Fight Club believe it or not. Anarcho-primitivists wish to return to a time less civilized as it were. They wish to de-industrialize and get rid of big organizations. Basically, they say cast away all of your worldly possessions, quit depending on the grocery store and McDonald, and start depending on yourself for sustenance. There is some speculation that this has anything to do with Anarchism, so I am going to dissect this matter and share my opinion on it.

    Anarcho-primitivists point out that before us humans started farming and such, we traveled around in nomadic groups without hierarchy, thus being a form of Anarchy in that way. As much as i can figure out, they want to be hunter gatherers, and depend on very few, if any people to provide for their needs. I also learned that the hunting gathering stage of humans, was perhaps the most peaceful, and prosperous time we have had on this earth, and also the longest lasting. The hunter gatherers of past times spent most of their time playing games, conversing, and relaxing! We have obviously strayed away from all this because of two major things.
The human desire to learn, and simple greed. Civilization today is hell bent on figuring out everything about everything, and making or "earning" new shiny things to show off to our friends. Anarcho-primitivists view on science is an interesting one. They point out that modern scientists do not recognize any natural connections to things, such as emotion. They view everything as separate, and anything that cannot be reproduced or predicted, as unreal and unscientific. Anarcho-primitivists are against all forms of modern technology, but still use it. ( excuse me?) They claim that since society has destroyed all other forms of social networking, they must go with it in order to form new relationships. The reason they are against modern technology, is because it destroys the natural human experience, and because they think creators of modern technology have non neutral reasons for doing so.
 The most alluring and interesting thing about them to me, is the life goal they set for rewilding. Yes, you heard me correctly. Rewilding is the process of becoming "uncivilized". Through rewilding one becomes more in tune with their instincts, and is encourages to question everything about our current reality. One is to become able to sustain his or herself with native plants animals and geography. I find this a really cool thought to be honest, and would not be apposed to a little rewilding myself. I always wondered what it would be like to go back to when we weren't a society hiding behind locked doors. When we could sleep outside under the stars with out fellow man, without the fear of being mugged in our sleep. I want to experience a peace filled community that strives to understand and accept one another! And finally, I myself find Anarcho-primitivism, to be a legitimate form of Anarchy for this reason. Anarchy means no rulers. Anarcho-primitivists see material possessions and civilization as a form of rule. Apposing this, makes them a true school of Anarchy.

Brief post about Anarcho Capitalism

So.. "I'm bored to the extreme" (<- Bad Religion reference), and have been neglecting my blog.
To remedy this I'm going to cover the basics over Anarcho-Capitalism.
Let's start out with what Anarchy is. Some people believe that Anarchy is a world full of random killing, stealing, hating, and general chaos. I am here to tell you that Anarchy is not about violence, and is not about blowing things up. As a friend pointed out to me today, Anarchy doesn't mean no government, Anarchy means no rulers.
Anarcho-Capitalism's biggest goal would be to create a free market. Free market is a market without government regulations and intervention. In a free market you could go to the store and buy a candy bar with a chicken, if the store is willing to trade that is. Although there are no guarantee's in this market, the good thing is that in a free market, the government is purely neutral, thus not ruling over the market. The word Capitalism in Anarcho-Capitalism, was a huge red sign saying run away when i first came across the term. However after reading up on it, i discovered that it did not mean the conventional capitalism that we are all used to. It does not promote corporatism, or state monopoly capitalism. I still have my doubts about Anarcho-Capitalism though. I fear that although it is more possible and rational, it is not completely desirable. I personally desire a world in which there is no private property, the community works together, and everyone has respect for one another instead of oppressing others for their own benefit. Bottom line, i will be a happier man once coercive aggression is done away with in our everyday lives.